Sopheaktech has designed a number of bulk bag loading frames for different applications and will aggressively respond to all bulk bag loading material handling equipment manufacturers’ opportunities. Two frames are offered as standard In general, the frames from Sopheaktech are simple, sturdy frames of square tubular construction with four legs and permitting a great number of loading options, including the supports for these. A simple bungee cord bag neck damp offers a major advantage in being able to seal any bag neck from I 3-inch diameter to a 24-inch diameter without changing the bag neck spout. An inflatable cuff, which is common in competitive units, is offered as an option. The disadvantage of this device is that a single size cannot accommodate a wide range of bag necks. The versatile and simple single venture power unit with venture discharge provides a source of low-pressure air for bag inflation. A filter for the air displaced from the bag Is standard.

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