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Running a Successful Business

Sopheaktech is an industry leader in manufacturing construction equipment and supplies it to all around the world. Our commitment and a promise to offer a wide range of construction equipment of superior quality and zero tolerance to errors have helped us strain and grow in this competitive industry. Our passion and the encouragement to exceed the expectations of our customers keep us motivated to achieve new heights!





Search For The Equipment You Need

At Sopheaktech we provided all types of construction equipment to our customers. Sopheaktech construction machinery can be used to perform a variety of tasks, including excavating, loading, lifting, and hauling, on a wide range of job sites – large or small. You can search for the equipment you need in online at our website and find your requirement.
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Find The Equipment And Order It Online

Today our machinery is preferred by most of the contractors in domestic & international market due to the good quality. After ending your search for the equipment, you will find your requirement at the best price on our site. Sopheaktech is now available for online orders. You can give an online order of your required product.

Get The Equipment Shipped To Your Working

At Sopheaktech, we are believing to provide the best quality services to our customers. Construction equipment shipping services are the most important part of your project’s management needs to make sure you get the heavy haul equipment you need to be delivered on time. We provide the best shipping services at your workplaces Whether it’s inbound, outbound, domestic, or international. We provided fast delivery services to your equipment.

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