• A Lime powder handling system installed with the subjective instruments and controlling stations for a significant application to UPL.
    • Raw material comes from the Bulker is being transferred to the Storage silos by means of compatible Roots Blowers and Diverter Valves.
    • Manual Feeding Hopper provided to load the silos for material comes with small bags.
    • Further, the material of silos transferred through Horizontal Screw Conveyor and Inclined Screw Conveyor to charge the Weighing Hoppers by switching the flow from Actuated Diverter Valve.
    • At the bottom of Weighing Hopper, RAVs are provided for isolation and the desired good is conveying to the applicant Reactors by Pneumatic Conveying Systems.
    • All the Equipment / Instruments are manufactured/used as a close passage phenomenon so as to minimize the Dustin. Ground Mounted Dust Collectors are provided to minimize the internal Dustin of Storage Silos and Weighing Hoppers.

    Lime Handling System comprises of Equipment / Instruments as followed

    • Storage Silos of 02 Nos. with Required Accessories
    • Horizontal Screw Conveyor
    • Inclined Screw Conveyor
    • Actuated Diverter Valve
    • Weighing Hoppers with Actuated RAVs.
    • Manual Feeding Hopper with Actuated RAV
    • Roots Blowers of 02 Nos. with Diverter Valves
    • Ground Mounted Dust Collectors
    • Reactor Charging Routing Lines with Compatible MOC
    • Actuated Diverter Valve
    • Actuated and Manual Isolation Valves
    • Pressure Relief Valves
    • Control Panel

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